The BULBER team are experts from various areas: movie directing, cinematography, management, product marketing, marketing, psychology, copyright, journalism, 3D graphics, design, editing, etc.

An integrated approach to resolving issues is our forte.

We are a BULBER FAMILY. We have been bearing this name since 2015, however a team of friends in love with their business has been working shoulder to shoulder since 2011.

A well-developed team is always a special family atmosphere, fiery eyes, subaudition, flexibility and absolute magic at all stages of production.

We are a true creative cartel of high quality production.

Each project is a new challenge for us; the opportunity to create something completely new.

Each client is unique and has invaluable experience, which we try to absorb and convey as accurately as possible in our work.

The exchange of new experience and knowledge is the highest value and growing point in our work.


25/20, Shchepkina str., Moscow, 129090, Russia
+7 (926) 813 55 52; +7 (963) 777 04 04